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 Soul Alibia

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Soul Alibia 6_by_sparkeythehamster-d8mxuld

Gender Female
Year of Birth 23 BD
Age in Story 16 - 23
Species: Human/Angel

Height Five feet, three inches
Hair Brown and usually tied back with two red bows.
Eyes Cold Silver.
Defining features Her eyes are a very unusual colour.
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars A long gash across her ribs.

Valor - Quilava
Streak - Ferret
Luna - Espeon
Sparks - Pikachu
Misty - Dragonair
Endeavour - Luxray

Father Noir Alibia
Mother Gem Alibia nee Eterna
Brothers None
Sisters Heart Alibia
Spouse Silver Ember
Children Nicki Alibia
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Soul Alibia
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